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LiveWellTalk - Effectively Manage Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other Mental Health Problems

Breaking Free of Mental Stress, Anxiety, Depression, & other Mental Health Problems

If you’re the kind of person who wants to break free from MENTAL STRESS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, and other Mental Health Problems & Disorders…, this blog, LiveWellTalk gives you all the information and techniques you'd find helpful to manage and cope with these problems and reclaim your lives and zest for living...

If you’ve ever felt your life is spinning out of control, if some days you dread the thought of facing the day, if you feel stressed, anxious, sad, tired, unmotivated or unhappy, then this blog might be the most important one you’ll ever read.

You see, I’ve traveled the road… personally and recovered using my awareness and techniques I’m going to share with you.

I know what it’s like to suffer from depression and anxiety. I know how it feels… the fatigue, the loneliness and the restless nights of broken sleep… The sheer lack of motivation, the stress and the boredom… How every day seems worse than the one before wanting to hide from the world and yet acting to be a part of it… Feeling trapped in a vicious spiral of negative and fearful thoughts…

If you don’t do something about your depression or anxiety, it can often lead to much worse problems. Ongoing sadness or fear can lead you to feeling lost and hopeless that nothing is ever going to change in your life. The despair begins to envelope you like a cold wet blanket. You start to choke on your own misery and gut wrenching loneliness. This dark road can lead you to years of wasted life or even suicide.

Although the causes of depression and anxiety can be biochemical to some degree it’s possible to correct the chemical imbalance in your brain by changing aspects of your lifestyle, your behaviors and your thinking, by increasing awareness about these mental problems and using several simple yet effective techniques...

I have put my vast knowledge of Depression and Anxiety, coupled with my own experience in this blog for you to break free of Depression and Anxiety and other Mental Disorders and Illnesses...

Below is the Sitemap of LiveWellTalk:

          Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)           
          Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
              Nocturnal Panic Attacks
          Social Anxiety Disorder: Social Phobia
          Adjustment Disorder
          PTSD in Children           
          Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder In Children
          School Anxiety
          Separation Anxiety in Children: Babies - Toddlers




           Bipolar Disorder Type 1
           Bipolar Disorder Type 2


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  Eco-anxiety: What it is and How to Deal with it

    One thing is for sure…

    You’re Not Alone... 

    If you suffer from Depression or Anxiety you’re among the millions of people across the world with similar challenges. In fact, it’s estimated that almost every family will have a member with depression or anxiety at some time. So take heart, if you’re currently struggling in this area you’re definitely not alone!

    You’re also not weak, incompetent or a failure and you do not have a character defect. What you are is a human being doing it tough at the moment.

    At the same time have you ever wondered, as I have, about the things that make people’s lives so different? Like… What makes one person struggle with Depression or Anxiety and someone else confident and happy? The difference lies in what each person knows and what he or she chooses to do with that knowledge and information.

    Note: Information contained within this site is to be used for guidance only & cannot be relied on as factually/legally correct. Always consult a healthcare professional for further advice.
    Please read the Disclaimer page.


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