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How to Get Rid of Depression Without Medication

The best treatment for depression, for some people, does involve prescription medication but in many cases, an individual prefers to deal with depression without medication. Because there has been such an increase in natural or alternative treatment options for depression and new solutions made available, we wanted to take the opportunity to address some of those considered most effective.

Depression is a complex mental health disorder that presents several challenges not only to the person affected but also to healthcare professionals. Because there are different types of depression, as well as varying degrees of severity, reaching a firm diagnosis can be difficult. Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, the next step is to determine the type of treatment that would prove most beneficial and help you with the process on how to get rid of depression. (Read more: How to Deal With the Depression)

Some conventional medical doctors have recognized the value that natural or alternative treatment options have on depression. For this reason, we are now beginning to see more and more people living with this mental illness being treated not only with standard medicine and standard medical treatments but these coupled with natural remedies and treatments, finding they offer the greatest benefit.

Just as with using natural remedies consisting of herbs, plant matter, essential oils, and so on, a number of viable alternative treatments are used to get rid of depression.

We need to keep in mind that depression affects people in unique ways so while one method to beat depression might work great in one case, a different approach might need to be taken in another situation. Of course, if at any time a person feels overwhelmed, out of control, or suicidal, immediate medical intervention is mandatory. However, for mild to moderate cases, the following are some methods proven beneficial to help depression without medication.

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How to Beat Depression With Alternative Treatment Methods

Alternative treatment methods for depression consist of a simplistic way of dealing with the body and mind. That being said, if you intend to implement alternative treatment methods for depression, one of the most essential goals and objectives is always to maintain the physical as well as physiological systems of the body within standard levels. An alternative strategy generally leads to marvelous final results.

Natural cures are superior to unnatural treatment methods. Research indicates the fact that prescription medication can damage the liver organ. Several prescription drugs additionally have an effect on some other organs as well. Nevertheless, in some cases, prescription medication is needed.

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Listed below are several alternative treatment methods for depression that you might take into consideration.

How to Beat Depression with 


The more a person can learn about how to beat depression including types, triggers, and other pertinent information the easier it would be. Often, a lack of knowledge causes confusion and bad decisions. Education would also help a person understand if the feelings of being “blue” or “down” were associated with a single experience or true depression.

Education is also helpful in knowing when to seek medical attention and when natural methods could be used to beat depression. There are specific signs provided by leading organizations and medical institutions that could be used as a guide. Of course, as stated, any time a person feeling down and out has concerns, talking to a doctor would be essential.

Exercise or Physical Activity

A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine examined the relationship between exercise and depression. The researchers found that exercise was associated with a significant reduction in symptoms of depression. They also found that exercise was as effective as (and by some measures better) traditional treatments for depression, such as medication or psychotherapy.

The best way how to beat depression with this is to choose something a person enjoys and preferably an activity that could be performed outdoors. For instance, rollerblading, jogging or walking, basketball, tennis, or some other activity such as these would be ideal.

Diet & Eating the Right Way

Even a person’s diet can affect the way a person feels or handles difficult situations in life. The body and mind need proper nourishment but unfortunately, many people in the US do not provide the body with proper nutrition. This can cause problems with blood sugar levels and other internal functions of the body that make it difficult to deal with things appropriately.

Therefore, getting on the right diet is without a doubt an excellent way to beat depression.

There must be more than enough biochemical in your body to maintain it in good condition. This can be done by consuming proper food and getting most of the required digestive support enzymes meant for the right digestion as well as the metabolic process of the foods. Having digestive enzymes that are operating correctly, almost all other elements of the body are going to be provided with the right nutrition.

The best food plan modifications consist of getting rid of dairy products, sugar, and eggs along with wheat or grain.


Hundreds of supplements exist, some containing herbal remedies dating back thousands of years. Before prescription medication was developed, people depended on nature to heal many things including cases of depression. An individual could spend time researching different supplements that would help beat depression or talk to a homeopathic or holistic doctor.

In addition, many conventional medical doctors now realize the benefits that supplements provide for people who struggle with depression so this would be another excellent resource. Along with this, a whole foods or health foods store would be an excellent place to find the highest quality herbs, specifically those that have been studied and shown to ease the symptoms that go along with depression.

Kava Kava – This is the last natural supplement we wanted to mention. People with depression find that mood swings level off and many symptoms associated with this mental health issue resolve without experiencing unpleasant side effects.

Omega 3 – Studies show that depression has a direct link to low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, so supplements would prove beneficial.

Rhodiola – Another natural remedy for treating depression is rhodiola. As with many other herbs, when taken in supplement form a person would find that mood improves, irritation decreases, better sleep is achieved, and energy increases.

St. John’s Wort – This supplement has long been used to treat mild to moderate cases of depression. By boosting mood and reducing anxiety, people find this to be a great choice.

Herbs and Vitamins

Herbal treatment therapy is an organic and natural strategy making use of natural herbs that have been all around for thousands of years. Herbal treatments have always been found in healing rituals and various other rituals. The shamans also make use of natural herbs within their work.

There are actually herbal medicines produced in New Zealand which are one of the finest and the most natural supplements on the market. These are analyzed to a molecular degree to guarantee the absolute best final results are experienced. Also they are created to represent the pharmaceutical level, making sure they have the components it claims they have. Herbal treatments are showing encouraging signals when it comes to treatment.

Vitamin supplements can also be of great help for alternative treatment methods for depression, however it is crucial that you purchase top quality herbal products and vitamin supplements coming from a well-known food or vitamin shop. Vitamin B has shown us beneficial effects with regards to cures for the body and mind.

Light Box Therapy

Light box therapy is assumed to show good results due to the impact of light on melatonin. Being exposed to light depresses the nocturnal release of melatonin, that appears to have some sort of restorative influence on people who have seasonal affective disorder (SAD). This treatment method consists of being exposed to light nicely balanced in order to appear to be sunlight. Light box treatment has been discovered being as successful in decreasing signs and symptoms of depression as medication.


Massage therapy can also be valuable in the management of depression. Therapeutic massage is a treatment method which produces relaxation. You can find several types of therapeutic massage.

Shiatsu massage is utilized simply by massaging the human body on the points associated with Acupuncture.

Neuromuscular massage therapy has an effect on the muscles and also the particular nerves within the involved area.

Spinal release treatment is actually specialized in kneading the muscles groups nearby the spinal column.

Sports massage therapy is utilized to take care of seriously injured parts of the body to aid the human body generate its very own healing energy.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest curing systems for your body and seems to be extremely successful. It was discovered in China around 2000 years ago. The World Health Organization listed about 40 diseases that could be taken care of through the acupuncture method. Depression is one of those 40 diseases. Acupuncture is definitely a valuable alternative if you wish to stay away from taking anti-depressants.

Deep Breathing

By simply exercising deep breathing as part of your daily life, it will be possible to remain relaxed under whatever quantity of stress. Breathing deeply may even enable you to maintain your head clear as well as your feelings under control.

Additional Alternative Treatment Methods for Depression

Additional alternative treatment methods for depression may include meditation, homeopathy, relaxation, Ayurveda, yoga exercises and so on. Once again, most are fairly often ignored or simply not really given enough recognition. The truth is that possibly they are not globally successful nevertheless individuals have to try things out and find out what type of treatment produces most help regarding their depressive signs or symptoms.

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Herbal Remedies for Depression

There are some people who need to be treated with conventional medicine and medical procedures but today, many people are finding that herbal remedies for depression provide the relief needed. 

Please note that anyone currently under the care of a medical doctor should never stop taking prescription medication or going through treatment to switch to herbal remedies for depression without first getting consent. There are a number of dangers associated with this disorder, and stopping medication/treatment is one.

Conventional Products versus Herbal Remedies for Depression

Although many herbal remedies for depression work effectively and safely, there are still factors that would need to be considered. Keep in mind that prescription drugs are governed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As a result, pharmaceutical companies must adhere to strict regulations as a means of maintaining integrity. However, natural ingredients are not under the control of the federal government.

Interestingly, some natural remedies for depression are now being monitored, which certainly helps but again, the level of control is much different than control over medications prescribed by a doctor. This means it is the right but also responsibility of the individual to conduct research prior to purchasing natural remedies. Even if herbal remedies for depression were made at home, an individual should have full understanding of ingredients used.

In most cases, herbal remedies for depression produce few, if any, side effects, which is one reason this option is so appealing. However, even natural herbs, plants, essential oils, and extracts can cause problems if not used or blended correctly. For instance, some ingredients in combination could cause side effects, interact negatively with other remedies or prescription medications, and even reduce effectiveness. This is why conducting research and making wise choices is so critical.

We want to point out a few things for anyone that chooses alternative medicine as a means of treating symptoms of depression. Because every person responds in a unique way, trying several herbal remedies for depression before finding one that offers the best relief is common. In addition, if at any time an individual finds that symptoms worsen or experiences unusual side effects, the remedy should be stopped and medical attention sought.

Effective and Safe Herbal Remedies for Depression

In searching herbal remedies for depression, multiple options would be returned in search results. Because the number of possibilities is so vast, most people find it hard to choose one or two remedies deemed most effective but also safest. To assist, we provided a few suggestions below that could be considered.

Clove Tea – For treating mild cases of depression, hot tea made from crushed cloves and a small pinch of ginseng powder has been shown to work well. For anyone that does not like clove, crushed sage, peppermint, or chamomile blended with ginseng powder would be a good alternative.

Gention Root Tea – Tea made from gentian root that has been slightly sweetened with honey or sugar could be enjoyed prior to meals for easing symptoms of depression.

Valerian – This medicinal herb dates back to ancient civilization when it was used by Hippocrates and Galen for a variety of health problems to include insomnia, anxiety, and depression. As one of the best herbal remedies for depression, this herb can be used in tea or supplement form.

Passionflower – This is another one of the most effective herbal remedies for depression. During the days of Aztec Indians, passionflower was a common herb used to calm the nervous system. Today, someone with depression would find relief by taking passionflower in extract or supplement form. Keep in mind that this particular herb has a sedative effective, so it should never be taken in conjunction with alcohol or prescription sedatives.

How to Beat Depression Naturally: Natural Remedies for Depression

The number of people interested in learning how to beat depression naturally has skyrocketed. By becoming educated about the potential dangers associated with many prescription medications, many people are now opting to use alternative medicine. This is not to say that natural remedies and treatments never produce side effects, bad interactions, or allergic reactions but the chance of this happening is dramatically reduced.

Of course, even natural ingredients need to be understood and respected. With the internet providing a wealth of information, bookstores having shelves lined with helpful books, and even medical, as well as homeopathic doctors now willing to provide guidance, identifying the most effective and safest natural solution is relatively easy.

After speaking to a medical doctor or mental healthcare professional who agrees that alternative medicine would be an acceptable approach for the type of depression living with, an individual would need to conduct research to determine the various options available. Although the process of learning how to deal with depression naturally would unveil a massive selection of choices, we wanted to provide some treatments that a person might consider.

Remember, the suggestions made below are merely examples of natural remedies that a person could try. We decided to focus on herbal supplements, but in learning how to beat depression naturally, an individual would quickly discover that treatments come in many forms. As an example, a person could use essential oils, teas, homemade concoction, and more.

Often, an individual would need to try more than one treatment before finding the one that works best, and of course, if the condition were to worsen, horrific side effects develop, or anything unusual occur, the natural treatment should be stopped and a medical doctor or mental health professional seen.

We also wanted to state that when it comes to understanding how to beat depression naturally, adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating well-balanced meals, getting daily exercise, and sleeping well would also play a key role in getting success.

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Carbohydrates and Proteins

As mentioned, most people have some idea of the benefits that come from eating a healthy diet as a means of combating the symptoms. Carbohydrates are one of the more unique natural remedies for depression. One reason that depression develops is from low levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain responsible for a person’s mood. When levels are low, a person starts to experience the symptoms of depression.

Through multiple studies, it has been identified that high carbohydrate foods boost serotonin naturally, which in return makes a person feel happy, content, energetic, and satisfied opposed to sad, anxious, and hopeless. Consuming carbohydrate foods to include whole grains, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect for boosting levels of glucose that help increase a person’s energy level.

In addition, for the brain to function optimally and produce mood-enhancing chemicals, called neurotransmitters, protein is essential. This is possible because of phenylalanine, tryptophan, and tyrosine, all amino acids found in protein serving as building blocks for the development of these chemicals. For this reason, one of the natural remedies for depression that many people do not realize is the balance of carbohydrates and proteins.

Group Therapy

While some people might not think of this as being one of the unique natural remedies for depression, but usually, depression is treated with one-on-one counseling, so this is a relatively different approach.

For years, most of the people believed that an individual, struggling with this mental disorder, needed to sit down with a professional, talk about everything of concern, and then through discussion, follow the suggestions made by a psychiatrist or psychologist to get better. Although this is still an option for certain situations, group therapy has become an effective means of conquering the symptoms.

The main difference is when someone with depression meets a doctor on a one-on-one basis there tends to be a sense of comfort and trust that makes sharing intimate details easy. However, it has been realized that hearing that other people are struggling with anxiety, insomnia, isolation, a negative attitude, fatigue, chronic sadness, weight change, and even thoughts of suicide actually prepares a person to deal with it and get through depression in a more effective manner in many cases.

Using this as one of the unique natural remedies for depression, it is vital that the group is led by a highly qualified therapist and also that the activities of the group are fun and helpful. Some of the more effective means of achieving success in overcoming depression in group activities include the following:

Brainstorming – During this time, everyone in the group would begin to discuss ideas and solutions. What happens is that a person with depression learns about a solution that might not have been thought of before and vice versa. However, brainstorming also draws some people out of isolation, a common symptom of depression.

Meditation – It is also common to see people in group therapy for depression to be taught about and try different types of meditation. This could be in the form of yoga, visualization/imagery, prayer, deep breathing, and more. Meditation works amazingly well to calm nerves, which not only eases the symptoms of depression but also allows a person’s mind to think clearly to work through issues causing this problem.

Trust Building Exercises – Another example of unique natural remedies for depression as it relates to group therapy activities has to do with trust building exercises. Usually, someone living with depression has a hard time trusting people or allowing people to get too close. Through different exercises, this person would slowly start to let walls of protection break down, so true healing can come.


It is important to state that when talking about hypnotherapy as being among the natural remedies for depression that are unique to other treatments, this is not hypnosis as some might think. Although a relatively new concept for the treatment of this mental condition, hypnotherapy has proven extremely beneficial for many people living with depression.

Typically, hypnotherapy in treating depression is done in connection with other therapy types but studies show someone who undergoes this type of treatment gains the ability to manage moods and deal with stress factors in a more efficient manner. Some of the other benefits that have been proven, by using this treatment for depression, include the following:

• Regaining pleasure in life and building new interest in activities

• Making it easier to adopt a healthier lifestyle to include diet and exercise

• Overcoming chronic fatigue associated with depression

• Building a sense of self-worth

• Being able to focus and concentrate easier

• Sleeping well, so the body and mind can become rejuvenated and restored

• No longer having negative or suicidal thoughts

Keep in mind that factors that contribute to depression are categorized as biological, social and psychological. For hypnotherapy, people with social and psychological problems that led to depression tend to see the best results. Although some people are still skeptical, research done has shown that when it comes to natural remedies for depression, hypnotherapy is in fact a real solution that for many people works.

Effectiveness of Natural Remedies for Depression

Today, the number of people turning to natural treatment for depression has increased substantially. The primary reason has to do with greater education about the potential dangers of conventional prescription medications.

However, I must emphasize that anyone dealing with depression should seek medical attention before starting any type of treatment. With this, a firm diagnosis could be made but more importantly, the underlying cause of the depression could be identified, so overall, the most effective and safest ways to treat depression could be discussed.

There are times when a more aggressive approach is needed to treat this condition but often, natural cures for depression provide relief for symptoms, as well as the underlying cause. Of course, if at any time a person has suicidal thoughts or experiences a desire to do harm to someone else, immediate medical intervention is essential.

Although a person struggling with severe depression may feel there is no out, the truth is that natural cures for depression coupled with conventional medicine, when necessary, are very beneficial.

Tips for Success

Keep in mind that the effects of natural treatment  for depression are unique to the individual, so just because a particular treatment works best for one person does not automatically mean that the same treatment will have the same results for someone else. The following tips are a few things that a person could do to boost the success of any natural remedies to help depression without medication:
  • While considered both effective and safe (to many a better alternative to standard medicine), natural treatment for depression are not magical. However, choosing the most appropriate remedy and allowing enough time for the remedy of choice to work, would certainly help.
  • Regardless of the exact treatment a person chooses or the final number of remedies tried out, unless healthy lifestyle changes are made, long-term benefits would be difficult to achieve.
  • There are people who get relief from symptoms of depression and bring the underlying problem under control by using a single natural remedy, but most people find using several natural remedies for depression is what produces a better outcome.
  • Finally, success in treating depression using natural remedies or other treatments comes with responsibility. This means, remaining dedicated to the treatment and process, taking time to understand the cause of the depression, following through with making good lifestyle choices and knowing when or if medical intervention is needed and not being afraid to seek it.

Natural Remedies for Depression – Top Treatment Choices

With so much value being placed on natural remedies for depression, we wanted to provide a few examples of those considered among the best. All the remedies listed below are deemed effective but as stated above, combining more than one natural remedies typically works best:
  • Herbal Supplements – There are several supplements that work incredibly well for getting depression under control or eliminating the problem completely. Three in particular that have been studied in-depth and shown to offer support needed include St. John’s Wort, SAM-e, and 5-HTP.
  • Meditation – One of the common triggers for depression is stress, which could be associated with busy schedules, tight work or school deadlines, mounting bills, child rearing, carrying for sick or elderly parents, death of a loved one, and divorce. Meditation is listed as one of the most effective natural cures for depression in that it helps calm the mind and body. Great examples of exercises that work with meditation include yoga, prayer, visualization, aromatherapy, music, and chants.
  • Ancient Treatments – Treatments from ancient times are also listed among the best natural treatments for depression. Along with newly developed remedies and treatments, there are many ancient solutions still being used. For example, acupuncture, green tea, hydrotherapy, and massage among other things.
  • Lifestyle Changes – Sometimes, adopting healthy lifestyle choices is all it takes to reduce or eliminate symptoms of depression but remember, regardless of which of the natural remedies for depression a person tries, making appropriate lifestyle changes is imperative. Some of the changes that experts recommend include maintaining a healthy weight, eating nutritionally sound meals, drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep, exercising daily, taking supplements, enjoying sunlight, avoiding illicit drugs, getting involved with activities or friends, and finally, stop smoking and consuming alcohol.

Herbs for Depression

As far as treatment options for depression, numerous prescription medications and medical procedures are available. However, herbs for depression and associated supplements would be another possibility for some people. Thanks to years of research and laboratory studies, experts have discovered that both ancient herbal remedies and newly discovered herbs work incredibly well for certain situations.

Although a person could make the decision to use herbal treatments without first talking to a mental health professional, it is highly recommended to have a consultation to ensure this would be the right approach but also to identify the type of herbs that would prove most beneficial. We took the opportunity to provide information regarding different herbs for depression that a person could consider to help depression without medication

Buying Herbs for Depression

To ensure only the best herbs for depression are chosen, it would be essential to purchase supplements and remedies from reputable sources. For instance, herbal shops, supplement stores, health food stores, and homeopathic doctors would be top choices, whether locally or online. Regardless where herbs for depression are purchased, only those made with high quality organic or 100% natural ingredients would be acceptable.

One important note is that unlike prescription medication and even medical procedures used to treat depression, herbs are not monitored by the FDA. This is even more reason for herbs to be researched so both benefits and potential side effects would be understood. Additionally, anyone looking at herbs for depression should avoid supplements whereby the manufacturing company claims them to be “scientifically proven”. With a little effort, the right supplements and remedies would be identified.

St. John’s Wort

Of all herbs for depression, this one has a few advantages over others. For one thing, the quality, effectiveness, and safety of St. John’s Wort been proven through more than 20 controlled clinical studies. In addition, it has been proven that St. John’s Wort is just as effective for treating depression as some of the leading antidepressants in prescription form. For the best results, an extract of this herb is suggested and in doses ranging from 600 to 1,800 milligrams a day depending on each person’s situation.


Another excellent alternative treatment for depression is S-adenosyl-L-methionine, more commonly referred to by its acronym SAM-e. Although more research is being conducted over what has already been done, effects of this herbal supplement show great promise in reducing symptoms of depression but also preventing severe attacks. The best thing about this herbal supplement is that most people begin to experience improvement within two to three weeks. Suggested dose is between 800 and 1,600 milligrams a day but there is one downside in that this supplement is expensive.


Officially known as 5-Hydroxytryptophan, when it comes to herbs for depression, 5-HTP works great as a natural antidepressant. Effectiveness of this herb is based on a certain amino acid that through clinical research was found to boost serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that regulates mood. People struggling with depression have inadequate levels of serotonin, so bringing levels back to a normal range is critical.

Specific benefits associated to 5-HTP include seeing quick results, being extremely safe, producing few if any side effects, and working great as a standalone treatment or when coupled with other herbs for depression such as St. John’s Wort. The recommended dose of 5-HTP is 50 to 300 milligrams a day.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We also need to add this to the list of effective herbs for depression, capable of promoting normal brain function. The body is capable of producing many things that people need for optimal physical and mental health, but omega-3 fatty acids is not one. Therefore, an individual using this supplement to treat depression would need to add cold water fish to the diet such as sardines, anchovies, and salmon.

Lemon Balm

This too is considered to be one of the best herbs for depression, which has been deemed the “calming herb.” Leaves from this European and Mediterranean grown plant produce a subtle lemon fragrance that when used in tea has been shown to reduce instances of panic and anxiety, promote relaxation, and ease tension. In addition to tea, lemon balm is also available as a supplement in both tablet and capsule form.

Rhodiola Rosea

The last of the herbs for depression that we wanted to mention is Rhodiola Rosea, a plant grown in the Swiss Alps, Colorado Rocky Mountains, and various regions of the Artic. In-depth research shows, for improving mood, restoring neurotransmitters in the brain to good health, and promoting overall emotional well-being, the root of the Rhodiola plant works great. A dose between 50 and 200 milligrams a day is recommended for the best results.

As mentioned above there is a variety of herbal supplements. Is there a winner?? The only thing we can advice is to be well informed by a professional and try those herbal supplements out and discover which of them are the best herbs for depression and is a winner for you to help depression without medication.


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