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How to Fall Asleep with Anxiety: 5 Tips to Calm Anxiety at Night

How to Fall Asleep with Anxiety: 5 Tips to Calm Anxiety at Night Why do people get more anxious at night? Are there ways to calm anxiety at night and fall asleep? You’ve had a rough day at work. Your boss has been breathing down your neck these past weeks over a project that’s due for submission in three days’ time, and you come back to find that your dogs have turned the house inside out in search of fun while you were away. After making some sense out of all the mess, you finally crash on your bed. But your mind has other plans for you. Rather than have a sound, hearty sleep, your head fires up with different kinds of events and worries, and your dream of a wonderful sleep flies through the window. Does that sound like you? Then keep reading for tips on coping with anxiety at night. Why Do I Get Anxiety and Can't Sleep at Night One of the causative factors of nighttime anxiety is the quiet, and private atmosphere created by night. Because there are no distractions, and you

Foods for Anxiety and Stress

Foods for Anxiety and Stress Just as some foods can help to reduce anxiety and stress , so can others cause/contribute to it. Let us discuss one after another. Foods that Help with Anxiety and Stress When we discuss foods that reduce anxiety and stress , it’s important to note that there are different components that go into that. For example, did you know that hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can cause panic attacks? This is because when your blood sugar is too low, it causes a stress response in your brain that increases adrenaline and cortisol. Therefore, we want foods that will not have a rapid impact on blood sugar. We also want foods that are known to stabilize mood and increase energy. Finally, foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants are important in reducing stress . Stay Hydrated One of the most important “foods” when discussing reducing stress with nutrition is actually a drink – water. Even slight dehydration can cause feelings of depression and anxiety . Therefore it’s

Foods for Fighting depression

Foods for Fighting depression Antidepressants and psychotherapy surely have a place in treating your depression. But incorporating a nutrient dense diet can only serve to maximize any positive result in fighting depression! Good Foods for Depression Eat Plenty of Antioxidants Antioxidants are the absolutely essential weapons in your fight against depression. Best antioxidant rich foods with a high ORAC scores (which measures a food's ability to fight free radicals) are: Goji berries ORAC Score:25,000 Wild blueberries ORAC Score: 14,000 Pecans ORAC Score: 17,000 Elderberries ORAC Score: 14,000 Kidney Beans ORAC Score: 8,400 Cranberries ORAC Score: 9,500 Blackberries ORAC Score: 5,300 Blueberries have excellent antioxidant fighting power. They have an ORAC Score of 14,000. Use them in a smoothie or in oatmeal. They also make awesome pancakes! Load Up on Lean Proteins Proteins are super important for helping to the brain produce the mood boosting chemical serotonin. Buy organic